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Ready Mix Concrete in Mansfield


Colson Transport supply ready mix concrete at great prices in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire! Using cutting edge volumetric mixing technology, we deliver and mix concrete fresh on site, to a consistent high quality.

Outdated ready mix concrete production methods may cause complications for your construction project and leave you wasting valuable resources. You can avoid making these costly mistakes with our state of the volumetric concrete mixers. To arrange your delivery of ready mix concrete in Mansfield call us today on 01773 765 720

What is Volumetric Ready Mixed Concrete?

Traditional ready mix concrete is manufactured and mixed in a factory (batching plant), according to an agreed set of proportions. It is subsequently delivered to the construction site in a transit mixer, which mixes the components while being transported, and has to be used immediately on arrival.

Here’s where ordering from Colson Transport is different. Using our mobile volumetric concrete mixers in Mansfield, we will only begin the concrete once we arrive on site. Our volumetric mixers act as mobile batching plants.

The concrete recipe can be tailored specifically to your requirements and crucially, no materials will be wasted because you will only pay for the exact amount of concrete you need to be laid.

The benefits of volumetric concrete mixers over traditional ready mix forms:

  • Gives the customer more control – A volumetric concrete mixer is an on demand solution to producing concrete. The ‘on demand’ aspect of it offers greater control, as the technology can generate a precise amount of concrete at any exact time. It eliminates any possibility of under/overestimating the volume of concrete required.
  • More environmentally friendly – Since the individual components are delivered in separate compartments, they can be reused for later projects if they are not used in their entirety. Consequently, less material wastage is created when concrete is mixed on site, as per demand. Additionally, less water is wasted during the process and on site mixing consumes less fossil fuels than a batching plant would.
  • Mix design can be altered as required – Since the materials arrive uncontaminated, with a volumetric concrete mixer the mix proportions can be changed very easily. With traditional ready mix concrete, if it was necessary for the mix design to be changed on the job, it would require the time consuming process of returning to the batch plant.
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  • The unit can be refilled with materials continuously – Often during construction projects it is necessary to extend the amount of concrete needed, due to changing circumstances. As long as there are more materials on hand, the volumetric unit can be reloaded, meaning it is effectively unlimited in terms of how much concrete it can produce. For larger construction projects, materials can be stored in bins, making this an ideal solution. 
  • Fresh and high quality concrete guaranteed – Concrete begins the hydration process once water comes into contact with the cement. Once this process has begun it becomes a race against time to lay it. Therefore when concrete is premixed at a batching plant, it can lose some of its strength and quality during transit to the site. If there are further complications during the journey, such as heavy traffic, the concrete can be spoiled before it even arrives. When you hire the services of an experienced supplier such as Colson Transport in Mansfield to mix your concrete on site, you can guarantee it will be fresh and of the highest quality at the point of use.


Colson Transport provide only the highest quality ready mix concrete in Mansfield, delivered and mixed on site using our state of the art volumetric concrete mixers. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our friendly team on: 01773 765 720.


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