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No.1 For Skip Hire Nottingham & Derbyshire

Get rid of your rubbish fast with our local skip hire service! We have a range of skips available to suit your requirements. From 2, 4 and 8 cubic yard options for small loads through to roll-on roll-off skips for heavy-duty waste & commercial customers. 

Whether you’re moving home or building one, our fast and efficient skip hire Nottingham & Derbyshire service provides great value for money. You can keep your skip for as long as you need to with peace of mind that we’ll be there to retrieve it as soon as you’re ready.

If you require a skip to be left on the public highway, you will need a road permit. We can arrange this with your local authority to make hiring a skip as easy as possible.

Skip Hire Nottingham

Why Hire A Skip With Us

  • We recycle more than 95% of the waste that we collect.
  • Our team of specialists can offer expert advice if you are unsure which size would best suit your project.
  • 48 Hour skip delivery after receiving your order.
  • We continuously invest in new recycling and recovery technologies.

If you still have more questions about how to hire a skip in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire, give us a call and one of our team members will be able to advise you.

The standard hire period is 10 days, which you can extend week by week for a small charge. Please note for skip collection requests: We will endeavour to collect as soon as possible. During peak season collection times may vary.

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Tell us about your project using the form below and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible:


Once you’ve identified an approved and licenced skip hire company, like Colson, hiring a skip is simply a case of giving them a call and providing the details of your requirements and delivery address.

In some cases, it will be possible to deliver your skip on the same day that it’s ordered, but usually, it will be delivered the following day. Since most reputable firms can take credit card details when you order, you may not even have to be at the premises when your skip is delivered.

Bear in mind, though, that skip delivery lorries are large vehicles, so it will be necessary to ensure that appropriate access is available to the delivery driver. For further details on how to enquire about our service, head over to our contact page. You can also get in touch on 01773 765 720, 0115 929 1297.

Hiring a skip to collect and take away the clutter generated by house clearances, garden rubbish clearance and DIY projects and small building and home renovation jobs is a simple task.

Before you hire a skip, you’ll need to work out the size of skip you’ll need and how long you need to hire it for. Our specialists will be able to help with the process, ensuring you don’t overpay for a skip too large for your predicted waste.

If all or part of your skip will be placed on a public highway (road, pavement or verge) due to limited access or space at your property, you’ll also need to obtain a skip permit from your local authority to cover the period. The best method of finding out where to place your skip is by contacting our team.

If you didn’t specify a collection date when you ordered your skip, arranging a collection when your project is complete is simply a case of calling our team to let us know when your skip is ready to be collected. We can organise a pickup time in a prompt fashion.

As with delivery, most skip hiring companies will aim to collect your skip at the earliest opportunity, generally the day following your request. Skip hire is a fairly simple process, all in all.

Furthermore, through communication with our friendly specialists, hiring a skip can be made even easier. Specifying your requirements, time brackets and the type of waste will be key to a successful pickup.

Did you know that the construction industry is the UK’s largest user of natural resources and produces a huge amount of waste? Roughly, 25 million tonnes of construction waste are disposed to landfills each year! That’s why there are important initiatives in place that look to reduce, reuse and recycle before reaching the point of disposal.

Our experts can offer advice on the types of waste included and deposited via a construction project.

Additionally, being such a vast industry that uses various materials on a daily basis, it is fully understandable that some companies may not want to handle their own waste. That’s when hiring a skip with us becomes extremely handy.

If you’re a kitchen fitter, a builder or a bathroom installer, then you would also be able to utilise a service such as commercial waste disposal. These sorts of jobs can produce a large amount of waste from within the home and you need to ensure you’re removing the waste in a responsible way!

Renovation may also be carried out on the scale of large commercial projects in massive buildings, such as the installation of hospital vinyl flooring. For big and tricky jobs like these, you will likely need the assistance of a commercial waste disposal contractor.

Furthermore, the various waste that can be created in such a vast range of industries can be tricky to manage, so utilising our skip hire Nottingham & Derbyshire service can be the difference between correct waste management and potential fines.

When a demolition takes place, there is certainly going to be a lot of commercial waste to get rid of! That’s why it’s important to make sure everything that can be recycled is done as such to ensure we are not wasting valuable resources.

If you’re looking for demolition waste disposal then our experts here at Colson Transport have you covered. We are fully qualified, insured and licensed waste carriers with the Environmental Agency; so you can be sure that we always dispose of unwanted items with the correct care and attention as required.

Whether it’s bulky or hazardous materials, we have the right team and the correct equipment to make sure it is all dealt with correctly. Enquire about our services today for further information on how we can aid with your demolition project.

Where your waste goes after it is taken away in a skip depends on who removes it for you. As a very environmentally conscious company, Colson Transport aims to recycle as much waste as possible. Our recycling rates are extremely high and something we are proud of, especially due to the range of waste we handle.

What is not possible to be recycled will be disposed of carefully and responsibly, because we understand that failure to do so can be highly damaging to our environment. Rest assured, using our skip hire Nottingham & Derbyshire service will allow you to not only free space and provide correct waste management, but also do your part in protecting the planet.

The European Waste Catalogue lists approximately 650 different waste types. Those that are suffixed with an asterisk are considered hazardous.

In some instances, there are hazardous and non-hazardous entries for a specific type of waste. This occurs when the waste contains a dangerous substance at or above certain levels.

In these cases, the composition of the waste must be assessed to determine whether it should be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous waste. Often the manufacturer’s product information or safety data sheets will provide guidance.

In addition, it is important to note that it’s illegal to mix hazardous waste with either non-hazardous waste or other hazardous waste.

If you are placing your skip on a public highway, you will need a skip permit. Skip permits are issued by your local council in Nottingham and Derbyshire.

If you hire a skip with Colson Transport, we can get a skip permit for you and the cost of the permit will be added to your hire quote (let us know when you book if you need a permit).

Skip permits have an expiry date so we must ensure your skip has been removed by this date. This means that if you haven’t requested collection, your skip may have to be taken, regardless of whether you have finished using it (it is a legal requirement!)

If you plan to place your skip on the road, speak to a member of our team before opting for our skip hire service to ensure you do it legally.