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Turn to Colson to recycle your end of life vehicle

Colsons are vehicle decommissioning experts. With an estimated average service life of just 10 years, an incredible 4 million vehicles are disposed of in the United Kingdom every single year. Recycling all that metalwork is only the beginning of the story. In line with EU directives we are now required to extract and recycle over 95% of every single vehicle, which means rubber and plastics, fabrics, cabling and chemical waste all need to be accounted for.

Bring your Vehicle to our metal recycling facility for the very best price paid.

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Once we have de-polluted a vehicle, our role is then to recover and recycle as much of the ferrous and non-ferrous metal content as possible – including the engine, radiator, battery, catalytic converter, wheel rims and finally the shell.

We are well ‘geared up’ for vehicle scrap and recycling, with our vehicle crusher / shredder, material-handling cranes, roll on-off vehicles and artics bulkers.

We have a wealth of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry, having been involved for decades. We continue to invest in new technology, vehicles and personnel to continually evolve new technologies and improve the efficiency of our scrap metal recycling service.

Scrap metal processing is one key component of the car scrapping procedure. All of our scrap metal processing drivers and assistants are trained to the uppermost industry standards.

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