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Low Loader Hire

Do you need heavy machinery, equipment, or materials moved to a new location? Colson Transport can provide low loader hire for all of your heavy duty transportation needs. Our low loaders are state of the art vehicles and well equipped to safely transport your industrial equipment to wherever it needs to be.

The length of our trailers are ideal for carrying irregular size loads such as pipes, conveyor belts, or large reels of cable. As well as this, they are equipped to carry taller loads and heavy machinery, such as cranes, bulldozers, mini diggers and excavators. If you’re looking for haulage and freight services, low loader hire is a convenient solution, especially if the loads are heavy duty or abnormal size.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and get a competitive low loader hire quote.

Low Loader Trailer Hire - More Information

A low loader trailer is a semi-trailer, which has two drops in deck height, allowing the deck to be very low compared with normal trailers. It also has an access ramp at the end of the platform, to make it easier to transfer equipment on and off. 

Typical loads transported on low loaders include all types of construction machinery, such as excavators, mini diggers, road construction equipment, crushing equipment, road grooving machinery and screening equipment. Low loaders are also suitable to transport different types of machinery associated with wind power plants, such as generators, tower segments, turbine blades, hybrid towers and rotor blades. Other heavy items that can be transported include:

  • Forestry machinery (such as harvesters, skidder and forwarders)
  • Farming/agricultural equipment (such as tractors, combine harvesters, silage wagons and liquid manure tankers) 
  • Industrial parts (such as vessels, crane-loaded goods, pre-cast concrete and boats)


If you need haulage and freight services for large, heavy machinery, low loader hire is an absolute essential. With Colson Transport you can benefit from using low loader trailers, but without the headache or expense of purchasing and maintaining one. We ensure that every low loader we hire out is well maintained and in great working condition, for your complete peace of mind. Get in touch today to discuss low loader hire with our team and get a quote for your next project. Call 01773 765720