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Muck Away

Colson is proud of our modern fleet of vehicles. Our 15 cubic metre, 8-wheeled tipper hire vehicles are available for hire, providing haulage for site clearance and aggregate deliveries.

Colson offers disposal solutions for removal of all materials from site and we specialise in muck away, contaminated soils, hardcore and concrete removal. Our experienced drivers are fully ADR trained and specialise in the carriage of hazardous soils and aggregates. We also utilise the tipper fleet to deliver the aggregates created at our Recycling Centre. For more information about the aggregates click here.

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Tipper Hire

With the majority of site work, there is traditionally a large amount of waste generated, in one form or another. To enable works to continue on schedule, it is essential that these materials are removed quickly. Colson with their large fleet of tipper hire vehicles will always provide flexibility in meeting that demand.

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Bulk Transport

At Colson we operate a large fleet of bulk haulage vehicles, capable of transporting a range of materials, including aggregates, waste and recyclable materials.

Over the years, we have invested substantially in our fleet, adding high-standard vehicles, equipped with advanced safety features. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking, ensuring we can locate our drivers immediately, and provide updates to our clients.

Our years of experience in haulage, ensure we delivery on time and within budget for our clients.

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Tell us about your project using the form below and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible:

Our tipper hire service is ideal for homeowners working on their gardens & making DIY home improvements. The council garden bin can only take so much; we all know the frustration of having an overflowing bin and having to wait for collection day, meanwhile your garden/home is filled with unsightly waste.

Dumping your waste has never been so simple – Our fully ADR trained drivers will arrive at a specific time bracket, ready for the tipper to be filled. Or, perhaps you require assistance with the lifting? We will handle the waste for you, depositing it correctly, under location council rules and regulations. Our methods of tipper hire are stress-free for our customers and extremely streamlined for ease.

  • You can be confident you will be doing your bit for the environment – using our industry expertise we recycle more than 95% of the waste we collect!
  • Our dedicated location tipper hire team can offer helpful, friendly advice. For example on which service is best suited for your needs & budget.
  • We aim for all customers to receive their tipper hire service within 48 hours of ordering.
  • To stay one step ahead, we frequently invest in new recycling and recovery technologies.

Our standard tipper hire requires a single trip from location to deposit, however, should you require your skip for longer, you can extend this by contacting our team. When your waste is ready for collection, we aim to collect as soon as possible within certain time frames for clarity.

Various lorries can carry different amounts of weight, but we’ll use an 8-wheel tipper as an example. How much can an 8-wheel tipper carry? The most it can carry is its maximum legal weight, less its weight when empty. The max legal weight is 32t and the weight when empty can vary between 11 – 13t depending on some factors. For ease of calculation, we work on 20t per load.