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Scrap your car with Colson Transport

Has your car reached the end of its life on the roads? When a car has little to no resale value, is no longer worth repairing, or is not safe or practical to keep running, it is time to send it to be scrapped and recycled. Scrapping a vehicle with Colson Transport takes all the hassle out of your hands and you can receive a financial reward!

With years of experience dismantling obsolete vehicles at our Nottingham scrap metal facility, you can be confident that we will dispose of your old motor in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In line with EU regulations, we extract and recycle over 95% of every single vehicle we scrap. This doesn’t just mean metal, but rubber, plastics, fabrics, cabling and chemical waste all need to be accounted for and disposed of in a manner that is considerate of our environment. If this wasn’t enough to convince you to scrap your car with us, we will offer you a more than fair price for taking your vehicle off your hands! Call 01773 304 619 to get a valuation of your car today.

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After receiving your vehicle for scrapping, we firstly de-pollute it, making sure that all hazardous waste and chemicals are removed and disposed of correctly. There are a number of hazardous substances/materials on a vehicle, such as oil, fuel, battery acid, windscreen wash, antifreeze and tyres.


Once these are removed and it is safe to do so, your old car will be crushed, so our team can begin the process of separating and recycling as much metal and plastic as possible. We work with state of the art equipment including vehicle crushers, shredders, material handling cranes, roll on roll off vehicles and more. On top of this, we continuously invest in new technologies, vehicles and personnel to stay ahead of the curve and improve the efficiency of our vehicle scrapping service in Nottingham.


Our efforts to recycle as much waste as possible is not only helpful for the environment, but also offers a cost effective solution for motorists looking to buy second hand car parts for repairs.

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