08 Feb 2022

Getting a skip is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get rid of rubbish from your project. There are many different factors that will affect the price of skip hire, some of which include the size of the skip, how long you hire it for, your location in the UK and whether you will need a permit. 


The size of the skip is a massive factor that will affect the price of the skip, with smaller skips costing much less than larger skips. This is due to the fact that the skip provider will have to dispose of the amount of waste inside the skip and a smaller size equals a smaller amount of waste to dispose of. 


Here at Colson Transport, we want to make sure that waste is disposed of in the best way possible, recycling everything where we can. On average, around 80% of the waste we collect is recycled. 

What are the costs of different sizes of skips? 


2 Yard Skip 


The 2-yard skip, otherwise known as the mini skip, is perfect for small projects where little waste will be generated. They are also suitable if you require more skip space. Prices tend to be around £60, but this will vary depending on whereabouts you are from in the UK. You will be able to fit approximately 35 bin bags in this skip. 

4 Yard Midi Skip


These skips are suitable for domestic projects such as garden clearances or small house waste disposal. These skips tend to cost around £100 and will fit approximately 45-55 bin bags.

8 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for small construction projects or larger garden clearance. This skip size is great for domestic and commercial purposes. The cost for these skips is usually around £150. Approximately 80 bin bags will fit into this skip. 

12 Yard skip


Generally, these skips are used in commercial settings. The price of this skip is around £220 and you can fit around 120 bin bags inside. 

20 Yard roll-on, roll-off skip


This skip can fill a huge amount of waste and is often used in commercial settings. The roll of roll-off design gives easy and quick access, perfect for if you’re under time pressure. The prices for this skip are approximately £290 and you can fit around 220 bin bags. 

30 Yard roll-on, roll-off skip


If you have a lot of waste, the 30 Yard roll-on, roll-off skip is for you. These skips are often found on construction sites, where waste is consistently generated. The price of these skips cost around £340 and they can hold 330 bin bags. 

40 Yard roll-on, roll-off skip


You will need a 40-yard skip if you have an extremely large amount of waste. This skip can hold a whopping 440 black rubbish bags and are mainly used by commercial clients with a lot of waste. These skips cost approximately £400. 


Other factors that affect the skip hire price

Council permit prices

If you want the skip to be placed on public lands, such as on a road or pavement, you will need to get a permit. These permits can be given to your skip provider by your local council, with the price of the permit varying depending on whereabouts in the UK you are placing the skip. This price should be included in the price of the skip. 

Where you live in the UK

Skip prices are greatly affected by whereabouts you live in the UK, for example, if you live in London, the prices of skips will be high in comparison to Scotland. 

How long you have the skip for


The longer you have the skip for, the more expensive the skip hire will cost. Having the skip for longer periods of time can also affect permit price. 

The weight of the skip


Different skip providers will have different rules and regulations on this. Generally, the weight limit can be worked out by assuming that each cubic yard of waste will amount to 1 tonne. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘How much to hire a skip?’. If you’re looking for a skip, get in touch with Colson Transport today.