16 Feb 2022

Waste management and even recycling often prove difficult when not properly managed. Regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom, this could in turn lead to various hazards, especially pollution and environmental degradation. As such, hiring a skip saves effort and time in waste disposal, as it is a fast and economical means to get rid of waste. 

Skip hire Nottingham can be quite challenging if you have not done it before. This is where Colson Transport comes in, as we are your best bet for skip hire Nottingham. We are just a phone call away from simplifying the process, as we pride ourselves on offering the best service and solving your problem. Also, our team of skip hire specialists is there to offer expert advice if you are unsure which size would best suit your project.

Because here at Colson Transport, our customers are a priority, we aim to provide only the best service there is. Even so, as regards our skip hire Nottingham service, we often get enquiries regarding what can and cannot be put in our skips. When questions like this are asked, we pride ourselves in demonstrating our in-depth knowledge in the waste management and recycling industry, by answering with as much depth as needed.

The contents of a skip bin can range from household waste to construction waste and green waste. Hence, we have put this article together to ease your skip hire Nottingham process. Being that it is important to know the type of waste you can put in our skips in Nottingham.

Therefore, the following are items we allow in our skip hire Nottingham:


Tree barks, tree branches, wood flooring, broken wood furniture, wood in any form, and other products made from wood can be put in our skip. 



This is inclusive of various types of metals, ranging from copper to tin, uranium, zinc, titanium, lead, and aluminium.



Cardboards and cartoons of all forms and sizes can be put in our skip hire Nottingham, as they are very recyclable.


Household Waste

Household waste such as food scraps, compost, soil, cans, newspapers, bottles, magazines, papers, non-electrical fittings, and food packaging are also welcomed in our skips.



With their high recyclable value, plastics of bottles, plates, bags, and fittings can be put in our skips.


Construction Waste

This involves non-hazardous construction waste like tiles, rubbles, ceramics, bricks, concrete, stone, clay, and rocks.


However, at Colson Transport, items like toxic waste and chemicals, asbestos, tyres, gas cylinders, electrical appliances, and batteries are not allowed in our skip hire Nottingham. The aforementioned are hazardous and harmful waste, and must only be disposed of by specialist contractors.

Hence, for the effective disposal of these hazardous items, you could contact the city or local council to get the needed direction on how to appropriately dispose of these hazardous waste. 


So, if you are in need of a skip hire Nottingham service to get rid of your rubbish in a fast and effective way, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.