09 Mar 2022


As a business owner of skips, Ryan Colson has seen many different disposal methods of garden waste and believe it or not, there is a proper and improper way of doing it. Are you thinking of doing lots of garden work? Don’t worry- Ryan Colson is here to help. In this blog, we will discuss the methods and the order in which you should execute the task to gain the best results.


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Ryan Colson’s first step – Reduce the bulkiness of the waste


It will cost you more if you have more waste- this typically is calculated by the amount of space your waste takes up. Due to this fact, Ryan Colson recommends that you reduce the amount of space that your waste takes up as much as possible. You can do this by cutting up branches and placing heavier items on top of lighter ones to push them down. You could also bag up leaves and grass cuttings to help reduce the volume and assist with loading.

Ryan Colson’s second step – Order a large skip


If you have a lot of garden waste, the chances are that you will run out of space if you order a small skip. It is sensible to order a larger size, as it will be more costly to order two small skips in contrast to ordering one large one. If you are ordering larger – just keep in mind that councils will not allow a skip any bigger than 8 cubic yards on public roads. This means that if you don’t have any space off-road (on a driveway for example) you may not be able to get a large skip. 


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Ryan Colson’s best tips

You can sell logs

A lot of people still have wood-burning fires or stoves – they need to get their logs from somewhere! If you have had a tree cut down, it’s worth asking the tree surgeons to cut it into small chunks. You should place these logs somewhere where they can dry out and won’t get wet again. You could put out a small sign that says ‘logs for sale’ so people walking past or in the neighbourhood know they can come to you to buy some should they need.


Make a compost heap


It can take some effort to get it started, but once you have one all set up, you can use it continuously to make fresh soil for plants! This is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of garden waste. You can even use it to turn green food waste into compost! 


You can place anything green on your compost, including leaves, grass trimmings, bark and old vegetables. If you leave your grass trimmings on the surface of the ground, it will provide nutrients to the soil when decomposing. 

Create a bonfire or incinerate your waste


Incinerators are great when it comes to getting rid of weeds, lawn cuttings, leaves, twigs and hedge trimmings. In addition, they’re much safer than bonfires as they burn the waste at a higher temperature and produce less smoke. 


Although it isn’t ideal to have a bonfire in your garden, plenty of people do it. It is legal to have a bonfire in your garden, provided that it doesn’t cause a nuisance to any neighbours or surrounding area. If you’re uncertain about creating a bonfire, check with your local authority to make sure that they don’t have any time restrictions on when you can light a bonfire. In order to reduce bonfire smoke, you should make sure that the garden waste is dry.

Thank you for reading Ryan Colson’s thoughts on how to get rid of garden waste. If you’re thinking about hiring a skip to clear garden waste, get in touch with Colson Skips today.