09 Dec 2021

Do Skip Hire Companies Recycle?

Companies that offer skip hire services are often expected to recycle some or all of the materials they collect, sending them off to waste management centres to be reutilised. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are the select few skip companies that send their collected waste straight to the landfill, a practice also known as fly-tipping, rather than putting any effort in to be environmentally conscious. 

At Colson Transport, we recognise the poor effort of some skip hire companies and aim to do much better. We are proud to state that 95% of the waste we collect is sent to the appropriate waste management facilities before being given a new life.


Recycling with CEO Ryan Colson

As CEO of Colson Transport, Ryan Colson has made it his mission to recycle as many materials as we can from our customers. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, working on a construction site, or clearing out your home, the residual materials will be collected by Colson Transport and sent off for recycling. 

We understand how important it is for skip hire companies to be environmentally-friendly, not only for our benefit but for our customers as well. You can keep your conscience clear when using the Ryan Colson skip hire services, and stop worrying about where your waste might end up!


Why we recycle

We recycle 95% of the waste we collect because we recognise the negative impact landfills have on our environment. Throwing away materials that can be easily reused doesn’t benefit anyone and instead increases the need for newly mined, made and manufactured goods. Rather than using earth’s dwindling natural resources, we are allowing pre-loved materials to start afresh.  

It’s remarkable to see exactly what our rubbish can be turned into. With our ever-developing technological world, recycling has never been an easier feat. Disposing of tin cans? That very metal can be used for many things such as: developing car parts, building plane wings, and making paperclips. Throwing away old glass bottles? They can be turned into astroturf, countertops and even sewer pipes. Thinking of ridding your garden of old wood panels? By recycling these, we are reducing the need for unnecessary logging, allowing all that beautiful greenery to stay firmly planted. 

With approximately 2.47 million trees cut down each day, recycling wood is vital for our ecosystem, and to ensure we have a future to look forward to. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) can also be reutilised, and we make it a priority to recycle as much of this as possible.


Our Colson Transport goal

As one of the UK’s leading waste management services, a statement Ryan Colson is proud to maintain, we believe environmental impact should be at the forefront of every company’s mind. Not only for themselves but their customers also. This is why our environmental goal is to constantly increase the percentage of waste we can recycle. 

Whilst there are still some materials that cannot be reused, such as food waste, we are keeping up to date with all recycling techniques and technologies to constantly improve our recycling efforts. 

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