05 Jul 2021

It’s not something we often have to concern ourselves with. We place our waste in the recycling or general bin, leave it out for collection, and presume it’s all taken care of. But with skip hire, it is a little different. Ridding your house of materials you’ve never disposed of before, might leave you with a few questions. Can these items even be recycled? And if not, where does the waste end up?



Waste management and skip hire companies like Colson Transport, oppose using landfills for waste. We try and avoid them as much as possible, but they are still a necessary evil. There are some materials that cannot be recycled, and therefore must either be discarded in a landfill or incarcerated. Aware of the negative effects of both, most businesses will utilize them as little as possible. In fact, each skip hire firm must pay a UK Landfill Tax to gain access to landfills, so waste is not disposed of without expense.

This tax was introduced in 1996 and implemented to reduce the levels of waste in landfills. Because of this, Colson Transport avoids using these depots as much as we can, not only for our benefit but also for the benefit of the environment. However, waste such as food and food tainted items often find their way into landfills, as they cannot be recycled.

You will, unfortunately, encounter some companies that dump skip waste directly into a landfill, without recycling or identifying items of value. This practice is known as fly-tipping and has drastic effects on the environment. Colson Transport does not support this action, as we are dedicated to reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.



More than 95% of skip waste we accumulate is recycled and given a new life. Once your skip has been collected and returned to our site, we will begin to sort through and categorise the different materials we encounter. Ensuring everything lands in the appropriate place.

Waste Transfer Centres are committed to sorting through huge amounts of waste, placing them into alternate streams. The more thorough the separation process, the higher the rates of recycling, which all depends on the individual budget of each Waste Transfer company. Our nation’s average recycling rate stands at only 45%, we know we can do better. Educating our customers and working with recycling centres can improve this statistic, creating a positive effect on our environment.



Your skip waste has avoided a landfill, been organised in a waste transfer centre, and finds itself about to be recycled. What happens next?

It’s difficult to imagine what your old waste can be turned into, especially something like an old computer. But electric goods can and should be recycled. The metal and plastic taken from computers can be used in the production of new devices, reducing the increasing need for precious metals. Paper and cardboard materials are turned into a recycled version of themselves, slowing down deforestation rates which can massively impact natural habitats.

Ever seen a water bottle made from 80% recycled plastic? That’s because someone has gone through the effort to organise plastic waste and given it a new life. Working harder together solidifies a brighter future. Dispose of your goods and Colson Transport will recycle them for you.

Give your waste a new life, and give yourself peace of mind. Contact us today for our skip hire service or visit our website for more information.