07 Oct 2021

How to Hire a Skip in Nottingham


The process of hiring a skip in Nottingham isn’t complicated and can be completely hassle-free with Colson Transport. We offer a variety of different skip sizes, suitable for both residential and commercial projects, with some holding up to 35 tons worth of weight (or over 130 general waste bin bags).

Whether you’re remodelling your house, looking to remove old furniture, or working on a construction site, skips can come in handy. You can save yourself many trips to the tip with Colson Transport’s skip hire, delivered directly to your location. 

Before you rush to our website and hire your skip in Nottingham, read through our guide on how to hire a skip in Nottingham, what to remember and what you might need. 


Hiring a skip in Nottingham

The first step of hiring a skip in Nottingham is knowing what size you need. With Colson Transport, you can choose from our 2-yard mini skips to our 40-yard RORO skips (Roll On Roll Off). Read our skip size guide here and never ask “what size skip do I need?” again. 

Next, get in contact with Colson Transport and let us know which skip you’d like to hire. When booking your skip on our website, we will provide you with an overall cost including VAT, and will ask if a permit is required. Enter your postcode, delivery details and payment details to confirm your skip hire. Get in touch with us at any point if you are concerned or have any queries. 

Once this stage is complete, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your skip to arrive. We will deliver your hired skip directly to the desired location in Nottingham, and will only pick it up on your request. Our skips can be hired for a standard period of 10 days, and can be extended for a small additional fee. Simply get in touch with Colson Transport if you’d like to extend your hire period. 


What you might need

Each situation is different, but some require additional measurements when hiring a skip. There’s nothing too complex when it comes to hiring a skip in Nottingham, but it’s important to know what you might need. 

With skip hire in Nottingham, you might need to obtain a permit before the skip is delivered. Permits are required if your skip will be located on public property, such as a road or pathway, and often cost between £20 and £60 (depending on location). An application will be sent to the local council by the skip hire company, rather than the customer, and normally takes a few days to complete. 

Safety Equipment
If your skip is being placed on public land, you may need additional safety equipment. This could include cones, a safety cover and lights attached to the skip. This allows members of the public to clearly see the hired skip and easily avoid it. If you’re hiring a skip in Nottingham for construction purposes, safety equipment is especially useful. 

Types of Waste
Only certain materials are permitted in a skip, not including electrical goods, toxic waste or chemical waste. General household items and garden waste are usually allowed, but it’s always worth checking with your skip hire company first. If you are looking to dispose of prohibited items, you might need another removal service.


Hiring a skip in Nottingham has been made simple, convenient and affordable with Colson Transport. Get in touch for a skip hire quote, or book your skip online in Nottingham today.