07 Oct 2021

Should I Hire a Skip or Skip Bag in Nottingham?


Skip hire in Nottingham is often the most popular choice when removing waste from your home, business or property. They are commonly seen on roadsides or construction sites and are often filled to the brim with various bits of waste. With size options available up to 40 yards, and holding up to 35 tons worth of weight, it’s no wonder why skips are so commonly in demand. 

However, skip hire in Nottingham isn’t the only option out there. For smaller removal jobs, or where space is limited, skip bags come in handy. Also known as Hippo Bags, these waste removal tools can be the perfect choice for your project.

But which service should you hire, and which is better suited to your circumstances? 


Hiring a skip in Nottingham

You can easily hire a skip in Nottingham with Colson Transport. We make sure our services are flexible for customers, working around you to meet your requirements. 

Skips, regardless of size, are efficient in waste removal and management, providing you with an easy way of removing unwanted materials. Whether you’re working on a construction site or completing a house renovation, skips can dispose of all your waste in one go. Not only that, but Colson Transport will recycle up to 95% of the materials we collect, giving them a new life and helping to minimise the need for landfills. 

Skip hire in Nottingham is not only convenient but is also easy to use and environmentally friendly. We drop each skip off at the desired location and can help you obtain any necessary permits for your skip hire in Nottingham. Whether your waste load is big or small, Colson Transport can help. 


Hiring a skip bag in Nottingham

Skip bags can be hired in Nottingham with Colson Transport, and are the cheaper alternative to skip hire. Measuring up to 1 yard across and holding around 1.5 tons of weight, skip bags are small but mighty. 

Don’t let the size fool you, skip bags can be utilised for renovation projects, construction sites, and business waste purposes. Their small composition makes them compact and easy to transport, even in bulk. If you require 1, 10 or 100, skip bags, they can be moved with ease from our site to yours and can be filled the same as their metal counterparts. 

Stuck for space? Skip bags may be the ideal alternative to traditional skips, as they are much more versatile and flexible. They are easier to fit onto driveways or private property, removing the need for roadside permits. 


What should I choose for my project in Nottingham? 

So, which one is better? 

The decision to hire either a skip bag or a traditional skip in Nottingham depends on your situation and what you believe is best. The amount of waste, the size of your project and the space you have should all be taken into consideration when choosing between hiring a skip or a skip bag in Nottingham. 

Do your research before deciding anything, and you can always get in touch with Colson Transport. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our skip or skip bag hire service in Nottingham. If you have already made up your mind, you can book your skip or skip bag online with Colson Transport.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional and industry-leading services to all clients. Visit our website today and check out the services we offer.